2013 US Open

Nate looking to pass in the Gold Medal Match.

Nate looking to pass in the Gold Medal Match.

US Open XVIII is the longest running Jiu-Jitsu tournament in the United States that saw nearly 1400 competitors step on the mats. With that being said, 8 Synergy athletes made the 3-hour drive down to Santa Cruz to join the party. Saturday saw two of our teens display some solid work! First, Jesse took his division with a solid 8-0 win and was Synergy’s first US Open Gold Medalist. Next up was Chloie and she did great in her first ever competition giving a much more seasoned teen a run for her money.

Sunday saw 6 adults taking the mat. First up was Nate and he dominated his Masters Black Belt Division with a submission win in his first match and a 19-2 win in the Gold Medal match. Other highlights of Sunday included Thomas’s sweet triangle submission of his first opponent, Andrew’s thrilling come from behind win in his first match, Anthony’s tough match where we saw him hit a beautiful single leg take-down, and Ed’s closed guard work in his three matches that earned him the Silver.

The day was finally capped off by Jason “The Deuce” Wallin’s competitive debut. Jason won his first match in convincing fashion. The final score was 7-0 after a crushing guard pass to mount. Jason lost to the eventual winner in the Semi-Final, but he came home with the Bronze Medal! Congrats to all.