Adult BJJ Schedule:
A normal class is 90 minutes in length and typically divided into three parts:

  • Warm-ups – Classes start with warming up the body that might include some light running and doing jiu-jitsu specific drills and movements
  • Techniques – Next, the instructor will demonstrate or review techniques for the next 30-40 minutes. You will partner up with someone and practice these techniques
  • Sparring – The last portion of class is reserved for “rolling”. These 20-30 minutes are typically spent sparring with different partners as you learn how to apply your knowledge in a safe training environment. When caught in a bad position or submission, a tap is all that’s needed to restart the roll.

Monday through Thursday 7pm – 8:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday 10am-11:30am
Friday is Open Mat  6pm
Saturday 10:30am – Noon

Kids BJJ Schedule:
A normal class is one hour in length that is divided into warm-ups, games, technique, and sparring. We teach positional control through the use of proper technique and leverage. Because Jiu-Jitsu’s focus is on the ground and not on strikes, the ability to go nearly full speed is both critical and paramount to developing efficient skills.

Monday & Wednesday 6pm – 7pm
Saturday 9:30 – 10:30am

Kids ages 5-9 schedule:
Tuesday & Thursday 6 – 7pm

Saturday 8:30 – 9:20am